This magnificent refuge is inside you. Enter. Shatter the darkness that shrouds the doorway… Believe the incredible truth that the Beloved has chosen for his dwelling place the core of your own being because that is the single most beautiful place in all of creation.”

Mirabai Starr

Temple Healing Services

Temple offers affordable, body-positive, affirming, transformational spiritual healing by way of Breathwork, Energy Work, Birth Work, and Bodywork. I believe you have within you the keys to your own healing and empowerment.


At Temple I meet you where you are; we explore your healing goals together, and we develop a plan for you to achieve them.


I use a variety of tools to help in that process including massage, energy work, visualization, and divination. I am so excited to hear from you and to support you on your journey! 

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Intuitive Integrated Healing

Integrative healing sessions work to heal grief, trauma, and wounding and to remove blockages in your spiritual and physical progress.

These sessions address the mind, body, and spirit in a holistic approach. During a consultation with practitioner you will discuss what is occurring for you on all of these levels and make a plan for future sessions. You will then receive a combination of healing approaches which may include Breathwork, Energy Work, Crystal Healing, Bodywork, Tarot Readings,  and/or Pelvic Steaming.



Hands-on intuitively guided massage that leaves you feeling relaxed, renewed, and restored. Modalities include swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic, myofascial, fertility and pregnancy massage, trigger point, and Arvigo® Therapy. For more information on Arvigo® treatments, click button below.
Temple is an inclusive and  body-positive space. All bodies are good bodies, are honored equally, and welcome to this practice. 


Reiki/Energy Healing & Tarot

An ancient holistic practice designed to address blocks in the energy body, which directly affect the physical body. I use many tools including guided visualization, shamanic journeying, crystals, and reiki. Divination sessions using tarot and oracle cards can be booked separately or occasionally incorporated into longer  energy work sessions. Virtual and distance sessions available.

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Birth Work

Doulas act as space holders and advocates to empower and guard the experience of birthing families as they move through the beautiful intensities of pregnancy and birth. I am an experienced doula and prenatal massage therapist with a year of midwifery apprenticeship. Doulas have been linked to better birth outcomes for families. For more information, on my birth philosophy and experience, click below!